A Saturday in Austin

DKR Stadium, Section 14, Row 1

My mom and I were able to take Chris to a Texas football game this past weekend, which was pretty special given the stars that needed to align to make it possible.

The UT athletics office very happily converted my two staff football tickets, along with a third ticket kindly donated by one of my co-workers, into three wheelchair-accessible seats.  We weren’t quite sure how it was going to work out, bringing a large tilt-in-space wheelchair into a stadium of 100,000 people…  but it did, and it was fantastic to have my family with me at a game again.  The event staff and UTPD folks working the stadium were also incredibly friendly and helpful (I suppose they could tell we had no idea what we were doing).

Win or lose, this outing to Austin would have been a great time…  Texas handily beating Texas Tech, though, was icing on the cake.

There’s also nothing more powerful, more soul-stirring than singing The Eyes of Texas at the end of a game with your brother, your fellow Longhorn, your wingman, your best friend.  The good times come rushing back through the fog of the nightmare, if only briefly.

The 2005 Texas A&M game...


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