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North Austin?

Ok, it now looks like Chris will be headed to a place that’s within walking distance from my apartment complex in north Austin. Still a few more details to work out…  I’ll post another update when we know for sure.  … Continue reading

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Texas Fight

Around this time one year ago, Chris and I were singing Texas Fight, with our pal Dan Waldrep, up in the rafters at Kyle Field, in College Station, Texas. We’re still at Texas Neuro somehow, due to difficulties finding … Continue reading

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Texas Neuro Rehab, the facility we’re currently at, wants us out of here. Case manager Kate Miffitt called me in Alabama during my two-weeks at home, on the 8th of October, to tell me that, “I don’t have anything to tell … Continue reading

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“The System” of health care in the United States is a corporate-driven architecture of “for profit” activities in support of American greed and the profit motive. Period. Contrary to what you may hear in the news these days, particularly now … Continue reading

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Ahhh, and I suppose the hospital has some plan to discharge Chris next week on the 17th…  to where, we have no idea.  There are no in-network nursing homes in Austin that will accept Chris, and the family house is … Continue reading

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Chris finally has his own custom wheelchair as of yesterday evening, after a long four months of wrangling with the hospital and their wheelchair vendor. The insurance co-pay on this chair was $2,900.  Donations to the fund right now total … Continue reading

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Forgot to mention:  my Mom snared a hairdresser that was visiting the hospital last week, and Chris received his first haircut since the accident! It’s a nice haircut, Chris looks good.

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I was down at the hospital two evenings after work last week (Tuesday & Thursday), and noticed Chris was much more alert than I’ve ever seen him before.  He was pretty reliably turning his head to follow folks around the … Continue reading

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