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It’s been a while since I’ve done full (08:30-22:00) weekday duty at the hosptal… took some FMLA leave Monday / Tuesday (thanks to my department and the human resources folks on main campus). The physical therapy folks very kindly showed … Continue reading

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Five Months

It’s been five months since that stupid, stupid girl failed to yield the right of way, turning right in front of my brother on his motorcycle.  I was playing softball with my Texas Exes team in Austin that night…  I … Continue reading

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The Weekend

Looks like we’ll still be here this weekend, so that’s good (not to imply that we have any idea where we’d be going otherwise). On the PT/OT front, my Dad has taken over doing it… he’s had Chris on the … Continue reading

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I just wanted to say thank you to the folks from the HD XL forum that are sending thoughts and prayers, especially on unusually stressful day at the hospital…  helps us keep our chins up.  A bunch of folks have … Continue reading

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On the positive side of things, it seems like Chris is vocalizing a bit more than usual lately, somewhat correlated with recently stopping the anti-convulsant Gabapentin? For instance, when we shifted him up in the bed last night, he groaned … Continue reading

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Everyone Is Out To Screw You™

When it looks like the money is about to run out, your long-term prognosis is suddenly worsened. In an attempt to make a geriatric nursing home look like an appealing alternative to LTAC, the hospital discontinued all physical and occupational … Continue reading

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Swallow study

My folks told me that Chris had another swallow study yesterday evening. The swallowing part works, but he’s unable to propel the material with the back of his tongue. I’d guess that after more than four months of not eating … Continue reading

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THANK YOU to all the folks who’ve come down to the hospital to visit Chris this weekend.  It’s therapeutic for us, and it’s good for Chris to see and hear the people that are rooting for him to recover.  Thanks, … Continue reading

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General update

Figured I’d also provide a general status update.  We’re not sure where we’re heading next.  And we’re not sure when “next” is at this point.  Chris is too young for a nursing home to take him, but the hospital and … Continue reading

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Moto-ride to the hospital this weekend

I’ve rounded up a few ARL:UT folks for a motorcycle ride down to Texas NeuroRehab on Sunday.  We’re going to meet up at the north Austin Taco Deli at 10AM, have some breakfast, and head out to the hospital at … Continue reading

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