Only posting a few photos here on the actual blog; click here for the full photo gallery.












Again, only posting a few photos here on the actual blog; click here for the full photo gallery.























































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  1. Rodney Reid says:

    To the entire Giles family and their friends,

    My name is Rodney Reid and I don’t know Chris personally; however, I’ve heard great things about him and I know that he must have a very special family and a close nit circle of friends. I know not of the circumstances in detail, regarding what took place on that day of the accident, nor can I imagine how difficult these last few months must be for all of you who love Chris. I just wanted you all to know that I have prayed for his recovery and for all of those who have had to suffer along side him. In life, it is in these times what we find out what we’re made of and who we are. You will all stay in my prayers.

  2. Justin Smith says:

    Rodney, I’m not a family member, just a friend, but let me tell you… your prayers could certainly go worse places. These are good people.

  3. Robert says:

    Rodney and Justin, thank you.

  4. Carla Adams says:

    All of us here at BFG want you to know we keep Chris and the entire Giles family in our thoughts and prayers. Your family is an inspiration, how to come together in a time of need.


  5. adam haynes says:

    auntie jack and uncle bob and robert chris is always in my thoughts he’s strong and will recover just keep believing… LOVE TO U ALL KEEP STRONG

  6. Hodge says:

    Hang tough brother. You will look back on this as an obstacle, that you conquered, not one that conquered you. I have faith you will succeed, as I have a good idea from reading about your family and friends, and they will most likely not let you fail. Good on you man. (Small donation check coming your way.)


  7. Damian says:

    Miss your sense of humor and our San Antonio weekends out on the town. Hang in there! Hope to see you soon when I am back in town.


  8. Cindy O'Hara says:

    Bob, Robert & my sweet Jackie, you all are an inspiration to the rest of us…Chris is so blessed to be in this family; lucky young man. His tremendous progress is due to the loving care he is constantly receiving from you, his family. Stay strong…your dedication to your Chris shows every day with his constant improvements. We continue to keep him in our prayers. Love to all, Mike & Cindy

  9. Debbie Urdiales says:

    My son was in a car accident at the age of 17, ( a week before he was to start his senior year in high school) he suffered a brain injury and was in the hosp for 6 months, therefore he missed out on his senior year. My son is now 19 we enrolled him back into high school he is a senior and will graduate in June he is in Special Ed and continues to recover. It is very hard to see him struggle but every day is a step forward. I thank God for his recovery. May God Bless you all.

  10. Sandra E. Patrick says:

    Hello Bob Giles and family,
    My name is Sandra and I wanted you all to know that I am praying for Chris’s recovery and asking God’s blessings for everyone in the Giles family. I made a donation today using PayPal, I wish I could do more! Take Care and God’s Speed.

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