Beers at San Antonio Saucer – May 20th, 2017

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010, at Flying Saucer in San Antonio with Chris.

Seven years ago – Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 – I eagerly rode my moto down to San Antonio to visit my brother for the weekend.  I remember meeting up with Chris on his Sportster just south of Blanco, near the FM-165 / US-281 intersection.  We might have gone over to Blanco Road after that (and possibly turned around, because of heavy flooding that year that blocked Blanco Road west of Bulverde).

We had some really enjoyable beers and conversation that evening at Flying Saucer, near Chris’s apartment.  The ritual always included running Sunday morning, followed by breakfast across town at the Jim’s on McCullough and Loop 410.

May is a tough month.  It’s the month we lost Chris the first time.  It’s the month Chris graduated from Texas.  It’s the month he was studying to take the GRE for grad school, his June test date and e-mail reminders slipping by as our new reality unfolded in the Neuro ICU.  It’s the month, a year ago, that we lost Chris the second time.  It’s the month, this year, that Chris’s name was read aloud on campus again, but this time with a bell toll from the tower instead of a raucous, celebratory cheer.

Maria and I are going to have some late afternoon / evening beers at Flying Saucer in San Antonio on Saturday, May 20th, to raise a glass for my brother Christopher, and to look back at the good times.

Please feel free to join us and remember Chris!

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