“The System” of health care in the United States is a corporate-driven architecture of “for profit” activities in support of American greed and the profit motive. Period. Contrary to what you may hear in the news these days, particularly now as health care reform, ObamaCare bashing, and media generated “they’re going to kill grandma” scares us into voting for all those politicians that are going to “fight for us against Washington.” Have a stroke in this country, regardless of your health insurance policy, and see how we Americans treat you. If you cannot contribute to the corporate profit-line, you’re going to be discarded after a token of remedial efforts to get you a bit of therapy. “We gave you three months to recover from that massive brain stem stroke and you’re still not moving?” “OK, you’re outta here. Time for the family to take you home.” “What’s that, you don’t have a family? No, problem, the taxpayer will pay for your nursing home care. Whaddaya mean the facility has many complaints against it for infections and poor patient care, abuse and neglect, it’s on our list of adequate facilities and that’s where you’re going! And oh, by the way, but only if you don’t make any more than $695 per month.”
Health care in America is generally good for acute care in terms of emergency services and family doctoring for those with insurance, albeit with caveats. United Healthcare, for example, didn’t pay for my son’s ambulance ride to the hospital because it was “out-of-network! As a nation, we should be providing not-for-profit health care services to all our inhabitants, particularly those with a Traumatic Brain Injury, stroke, or other illness that requires the advocacy and voice of others for your care and treatment. As we navigate our way into uncharted waters in getting Chris well, I find myself ashamed to be an American after learning how little we do for our most severely injured and for those most in need in this country. Our health care system is driven by corporate profit and that’s mistake number one. Our health care operating costs are higher than any other country in the world and we are ranked number 37 nationally, just ahead of Cuba, by the world health organization in caring for our people. Yes, it’s arguable and subjective, but should there be any doubt that we ought to be number one in everything given that we are God’s gift to the world (or so we think)? The strongest nation on the planet can’t look after its people better than Cuba does! We have to do better and everyone that reads this can be an advocate for change simply by sending a simple note to your representative telling them that we want a better, not-for-profit, health care system. Please don’t confuse not-for-profit with a government-run system. That’s not what I’m saying. We need health care for everyone living in this country, as a right and not a privelege. An insurance company should not be in the loop for determining your health care needs. My son’s in-patient benefits were terminated by United Healthcare because they determined he has not reached a level of functioning that would qualify him for anything but what they call restorative care and the policy provides no coverage beyond a 60-day in-patient rehab benefit. They terminated it 45 days after placing him into a rehab category, no explanation provided. Does your policy cover you or are you like most Americans and have no idea! Please advocate in your conversations with friends and neighbors for a comprehensive program of healthcare in this country. And please send a simple note to your representatives demanding a not-for-profit healthcare system in this country. We thank and love you all very much and appreciate your kind words and donations and hope you never find yourself in a situation that calls for the advocacy of some drone sitting behind a corporate facade of caring making health care decisions on your behalf! Decisions that could very well determine your quality of life for the rest of your life! Please keep Chris in your thoughts and be active in your own thoughts about ways in which to make this country great again. let’s start with healthcare.

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